Stan Salett Comes to New England

Stan Salett, Kehinde Oshodi, Liz Salett, Wendy Porter-Coste, Salem State University Upward Bound Director

Stan Salett’s fingerprints can be found on some of the most successful education programs developed in the twentieth century, including his role as one of the primary architects of both Headstart and TRIO Upward Bound. As a key aide to both Robert Kennedy and Sargent Shriver in the 1960′s, Salett has seen both the promise and challenges of education and the federal and state government’s role in helping educate young people.

Mr. Salett, author of the recently released The Edge of Politics: Stories from the Civil Rights Movement, the War on Poverty and the Challenges of School Reform held a rare appearance at the Boston University Howard Thurman Center on Wednesday, October 5th. This event was sponsored by the New England Educational Opportunity Association (NEOA) and the Massachusetts Educational Opportunity Association (MEOA). Master of Ceremonies and NEOA President, Reggie Jean, initiated the reception by introducing Kehinde Oshodi, Salem State University Upward Bound graduate, who welcomed Mr. Salett after sharing how Upward Bound propelled her to tremendous academic success that led to her earning a Master’s degree in Engineering.

At the conclusion of his dynamic talk, Mr. Salett revealed some sobering sentiments in sharing that TRiO programs will cease to exist (in five years) unless there is a national “social movement” led by our alumni. It is now our collective duty to heed Mr. Salett’s wisdom and begin to mobilize our alumni to help us in the increasingly challenging fight to save the TRIO programs Mr. Salett helped to create so many years ago.

At the conclusion of Salett’s talk, Upward Bound alum and TRIO educator for the last forty years, Alvin Riley, eloquently verbalized a heartfelt thank you in a way that only a TRIO alumni could. In brief, he said “Upward Bound saved my life” and expressed his deepest gratitude for Salett’s pivotal role in helping to craft the program over 45 years ago.

Submitted by Wendy Porter-Coste

To view video of this event : YouTube Part 1, YouTube Part 1

To view a photo slideshow of the event:  Picasa


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